How to Get More Followers on Instagram without Fake Accounts

Getting many followers in Instagram is important for your brand. Since using fake accounts is slowly losing popularity, getting free Instagram followers become more popular. There are several ways you can get many followers without spending money for fake accounts (which can lower your credibility). Here are some of them.

Use Descriptive, Original Captions

People love good stories, so when you upload a photo, make sure to write meaningful and descriptive captions. Super short captions are okay for random posts, but you build your brand from meaningful stories behind each post. Do not forget to use a proper hashtag.

Create a Brand or Visual Style

If you have specific visual style, it can be your brand, which increases your chance to be recognized by Instagram users. Whether it is romantic, funny, witty, or contemplative, you can make yourself more recognizable, and easily gain more followers who look for specific brands.

Edit the Tag Setting to Protect Image

When you are famous, there are many people who want to tag you in a lot of photos or posts. If the tagged photos or posts are embarrassing, they can ruin your image and brand. To keep your brand clean and reputable, make sure you edit the tag setting so you can filter every tagged photo or post.

Making Post Based on Local Happenings

Being up-to-date is important for an Instagram influencer. Using Place tab, find out what happens in areas around you, and create posts based on that. This will lead to a lot of exposure, and possibilities to get new followers.

Gaining many followers can help you building brand, getting popular, and even developing business. Make sure you try these methods to get free Instagram followers, and be an Instagram influencer instantly.